Monday, January 25, 2010

A Word on Recipes...

Here's the deal. Most of the stuff I make during the week, I'd say 75%, comes right out of the Good Old Better Homes and Gardens checkerboard cookbook. I would feel a little weird about just lifting those recipes out and distributing them as if I had thought of them or owned them. So, if you don't have that book, get it. It will get you through months or maybe even years on end. A couple years ago I decided to learn how to cook by doing what was in that thing. It turned out to be a very easy way to learn some basics, which I am still doing.

Anything else comes from this trusty notebook I've been compiling from random sources: mom, people at work, the odd internet recipe I run across...stuff like that.

Anybody know of some other "bang-for-the-buck" books?

1 comment:

  1. "How to Cook Everything." I got it for Xmas after practically stealing David Power's copy while they lived with us. Not only recipes, but tips and tools of HOW to cook better. I love it.